Europe’s driving forces gathered at the first edition of “Growing Together” in Athens on April 4th

Apr 1, 2022 | Press releases

Conceived as a gathering of Europe’s driving forces (entrepreneurs, investment funds, development banks and European institutions), “Growing Together” is an initiative co-organized by Bpifrance, the French public Investment Bank, the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB) and the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments (HDBI). The event will take place in Athens on April 4th, 2022.

Athens, April 1st – This event aims to demonstrate, by example, the effectiveness of the model of national development banks as a driver for innovation, growth and economic attractiveness of their ecosystem. It is also intended to contribute to their essential collaboration at the European level. This event is under the patronage of Greek Ministry of Development and Investments.

Leading entrepreneurs, venture capital funds and public investment banks will share their views on common growth in Europe, what it means to them and what they need. Four Agora sessions – on Investing in Creative and Cultural Industries, Clean Energy, Innovation and Investment for a European health union, and the challenges of Sustainable food and Agri-food – will provide an opportunity to reflect together and share on trends, opportunities, challenges and solutions.

On the occasion, several partnerships at European level will also be signed.

Among the participants:

• Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Greece)
Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development and Investments (Greece)
Yannis Tsakiris, Deputy Minister for Development and Investments (Greece)
Nicolas Dufourcq, Managing Director, Bpifrance (France)
Athina Chatzipetrou, CEO and Chairwoman of the Hellenic Development bank (Greece)
Antigoni Lymperopoulou, CEO of the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments (Greece)
Haris Lambropoulos, Chairman of the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments (Greece)

Nathalie Berger, Director for Support to Member States’ Reforms, European Commission
Beatriz Freitas, CEO, Banco Portugues de Formento (Portugal)
Jean-Pierre Di Bartolomeo, President, Solwalfin (Belgium)
Gytis Zakevicius, Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Finance of the Republic (Lithuania)
Ioannis Kaltsas, Head of Division, European Investment Bank
Geir Ove Hansen, Responsible for financing portfolio, Innovation Norway (Norway)
Anne Mieke Van der Werf, Director Business Development, Invest NL (Netherlands)

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Bpifrance is the French national investment bank: it finances businesses – at every stage of their development – through loans, guarantees, equity investments and export insurances. Bpifrance also provides extrafinancial services (training, consultancy) to help entrepreneurs meet their challenges (innovation, export…).

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About HDB

The Hellenic Development Bank SA (HDB) is the development institution of Greece. It is the 100% state owned financial intermediary in Greece, which is functioning in reciprocity with the Greek banking sector. Established in 2004, HDB contributes to the driving forces of the Greek enterprises as a pillar of growth of the national economy. HDB is the trusted partner of Greek entrepreneurs. In particular, HDB is supporting primarily micro, small and medium enterprises by facilitating their access to finance and support through non-financial tools, to address and cover any market failures and to create an ecosystem that favors and supports SMEs. HDB sees “Banking as a Service”.

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About HDBI

The Hellenic Development Investment Bank SA (HDBI, ex TANEO) was established by the Greek State under the article 28 of L. 2843/2000 and is the Sovereign Fund of Funds of Greece. The main activity of HDBI is to manage state or EU funds for the purpose of procuring and investing these resources to participate along other investors in Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds. The company’s mottos are #WeInvestForGrowth and #FinancingInnovation.

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