Calls for Expression of Interest

AccelerateTT Funds

The Hellenic Development Bank of Investments S.A. (HDBI, ex TANEO) continues its efforts in supporting the Greek innovative start-up ecosystem by introducing a new targeted financing instrument, in cooperation with the Ministry of Development and Investments, named “AccelerateTT”. This program aspires to cover the entirety of the financing needs of Greek innovative start-ups with extrovert characteristics and prospects of significant growth potential (scalability) and to support Technology Transfer. The total public funding through HDBI amounts to 60 million euros, its objective being the establishment of investment schemes (Venture Capital funds) with the participation of Private Investors.



HDBI is inviting interested parties to submit proposals for the establishment and management of Venture Capital Funds. The said investment schemes should be under the management of private entities, operating on market terms and will invest though equity participation and/or convertible bonds and/or rights bearing bonds, in innovative, scalable start-ups, that maintain an establishment in the Greek territory, at the time of investment.

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