Offeror’s declaration


The undersigned, [name of the person(s) signing this Declaration], in my/our capacity as legal representative(s) of: [Offeror’s registered name] (“Offeror”)

Offeror’s Registration details Registered name:
Registration date :
 Registered Office:
Tax Registration No:


I HEREBY state on account and on behalf of the Offeror the following:

  1. No petition has been filed or court order has been issued for declaration in bankruptcy, placement under mandatory administration, pre-bankruptcy rationalisation, out-of-court/court settlement or special administration as per the provisions of Law 4307/2014 (or any other similar procedure under the law applicable to the Offeror), and the Offeror has not suspended its business activity as at the date this Declaration is submitted;
  2. Neither the Offeror nor any of the persons listed in paragraph (4) of Grounds for Exclusion fall(s) under any of the situations described in Grounds for Exclusion of the Process of Submission and Evaluation of Investment Proposals for Indirect Investments.

Date [Day/Month/Year]

[Name(s) – Signature(s)]