Contents of the EoI

The interested parties, together with the Expression of Interest they submit, shall provide duly substantiated information and submit all relative documents regarding the following:

  1. Management Team
  2. Investment strategy of the Investment Scheme
  3. Investment history / track record
  4. Target market
  5. Sources of pipeline and deal flow
  6. Geographical scope
  7. Targeted Sectors
  8. Size of the Investment Scheme
  9. Legal structure / corporate governance (the following shall be submitted as a minimum:
    1. detailed certificate on the Manager’s current representation and
    2. a certificate of registration under Article 3(2) of Law 4209/2013 or in the case of a foreign Manager a similar document specified in the relevant legislation of a foreign state)
  10. Proposed terms
  11. Expected performance
  12. Other investors – Schedule of fund raising