Model Expression of Interest

3 Merlin St, Athens GR-10671
Attn: CEO


Dear Sirs,

The undersigned signatory(-ies), acting in his/her/their capacity as authorised representative(s) of the [Offeror], hereby:

  1. Submit(s) the [Offeror’s] proposal regarding HDBI’s participation in the Investment Scheme [corporate name of the Investment Scheme] or the establishment and management of the Investment Scheme [corporate name of the Investment Scheme], as same is thoroughly described in the documents attached hereto.
  2. State(s) that all information included in this Expression of Interest and its Annexes is truthful, complete and non-misleading in all respects.
  3. State(s) that the [Offeror] does not engage in any illegal activities according to the Law that governs its operations.
  4. State(s) that none of the Offeror’s representatives or authorised bodies:
    • has ever offered, accepted or received, and/or
    • intends to offer, accept or receive, and/or
    • has pursued or intends to pursue and/or
    • has tried to gain or will try to gain any benefit, whether financial or other, to or from any third parties, in a manner that constitutes illegal practice or leads to corruption, whether directly or indirectly, in the form of an incentive or reward for the signature of a Management Agreement in relation to the proposed Investment Scheme.
  5. Acknowledge(s) and agree(s) that, if the Offeror is selected, the Offeror shall undergo controls by HDBI’s audit bodies, in accordance with the terms of the Management Agreement.
  6. I declare that I have read and fully understand the terms of the process of submission and evaluation of HDBI investment proposals and in particular those contained in Data Protection Relevant to the Expression of Interest which describes the terms of processing by HDBI of personal and personal data and I unreservedly give hereby my consent to the collection and processing by HDBI, in accordance with the provisions
    of the above chapter, of the data concerning natural persons related to the Offeror, the proposed private investors and the proposal that I submit through of the present in general. In this context, I hereby expressly warrant and warrant to HDBI that the data in question I provide has been obtained in a lawful manner and that I have every right to provide HDBI with such data, otherwise I expressly take the responsibility to restore any positive or HDBI’s deposit loss against any third party claim relating to the transmission by [Proposer] and processing of such data to HDBI.


Date [Day/Month/Year]


[Name(s) – Signature(s)]