Selection Criteria

Criterion Weight
(a) in relation to the Management Team: the relevant previous experience, the composition of the team, its independence in terms of management and investment decisions, track record and complementarity of skills, the possibility of providing added value, the possibility of providing sufficient commitment to the total life of the investment scheme.
(b) in terms of the market: location of the target market, the size of the market and the probability of its growth, prospects for business development in the specific target market.

(c) in terms of the flow of investment proposals: track record of access to investment proposals, quality of investment proposals, reliability of plans for the development of the flow of investment proposals

(d) in terms of investment strategy: investment scheme, stage, sector and geographical targeting, number of investments – targets, appropriateness of the investment strategy in the market, identification of an appropriate and feasible exit plan from each investment-target business.

(e) in terms of the size of the investment scheme: an equilibrium relationship between the size of the investment scheme and the expected flow of investment proposals, adequate projections on follow-on investments.


(f) operating terms and conditions: in accordance with market conditions and practices, including management fees and explanatory expenses in the event of a deviation, carried interest fee is designed to take into account the overall return of the investment scheme, legal structure and tax obligations.

(g) expected returns: assurances regarding the operation of the investment scheme on market terms and its financial viability.

(h) investor related:  classification of the investors of the Investment Scheme, intention of participation of other investors, investors who:

(i) are financially and structurally independent of the Manager and of any entities and / or persons associated with the Manager,

(ii) are financially and structurally independent of the Investment Targets in case of realization of an investment, and of any entities and / or individuals that associated with them.

Total Score 100
Pass rate 60